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Persons Of Extraordinary Ability

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Green Cards For Persons Of Extraordinary Ability And Others

You have come to the right law firm to learn about how to obtain green cards for persons of extraordinary ability, outstanding researchers and professors, and multinational executives and managers. Green cards of this type may be available by way of:

  • Job offers
  • Some investment
  • Self petitions

Specifically, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services establishes employment-based preferences for immigrants with special qualifications as follows:

In many cases, a green card for an individual with extraordinary ability can be obtained when the individual “self-petitions.” Also, individuals may file their own petitions requesting a National Interest Waiver under the second preference category. Outstanding professors and researchers as well as multinational managers and executives may obtain permanent residence when their employer petitions on their behalf and documents their eligibility. In other instances, a prospective employer may obtain certification from the U.S. Department of Labor by showing a good faith effort to recruit and showing that there are not sufficient U.S. workers who are able, willing, available and qualified for the job opportunity. Once obtained, the labor certification may be used by the employer to petition the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service. It is always best to contact an attorney at Miley & Brown to discuss the details of your particular case.

Miley & Brown, P.C., in Dallas, has been exclusively an immigration law practice since 1985. Our attorneys are dedicated to helping qualified immigrants obtain visas and green cards efficiently. Our attorneys are ready to advise and help you if you fall under on the categories described above and wish to immigrate and work lawfully in your field in the U.S.