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Removal Of Conditions

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Helping You Finalize Your Green Card Status

If you have obtained a green card on the basis of your marriage to a U.S. citizen or as an investor/entrepreneur, your status may be conditional, and you may be required to file for removal of conditions in order to be allowed to remain in the country permanently.

The immigration lawyers at Miley & Brown in Dallas, Texas, are highly experienced with the removal of conditions process and will work to see, if you are eligible, that your application is properly prepared and documented. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help you finalize your U.S. residency.

Making Sure You Get Your Application In On Time

The spouses and U.S. citizens and permanent residents are eligible to obtain green cards for permanent U.S. residency. However, because the government is concerned about people entering into sham marriages in order to evade immigration laws, your permanent resident status may only be conditional.

If you got married to a U.S. citizen less than two years before entering the U.S. on an immigrant visa or obtaining a green card based on that marriage, you may be required to file for removal of conditions.

Generally, immigrants must file for removal of conditions within two years of becoming conditional permanent residents. Those who fail to file could face consequences up to and including deportation.

Taking Account Of Your Specific Circumstances

Most of the time, immigrants who remain married file jointly with their spouses for removal of conditions. However, it may still be possible to get your conditions removed if one of the following is the case:

  • Your spouse has died.
  • You have recently been divorced or received an annulment.
  • Your spouse has battered you or subjected you to extreme hardship.

Usually, it will be necessary to demonstrate that you entered the marriage in good faith and not entered into for the purpose of procuring admission as an immigrant. We can help you determine what documentation will best serve as evidence in support of the removal of your conditions.